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Life Won't Wait

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Poor infrastructure steals your time and money

A typical commuter spends 42 hours stuck in traffic every year – and loses $1,600 in vehicle damage, wasted gas and lost time because of failing infrastructure.

When Congress fails to fund our infrastructure, we pay the price. Tell Congress to pass an infrastructure funding bill!

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The Cost of Inaction

The typical commuter spends 42 HOURS stuck in traffic every year.


Motorists now pay a yearly average of $1,600 due vehicle damage caused by poor roads and gas wasted from traffic congestion.


The trucking industry spends 1.2 billion hours stuck in traffic on the National Highway System every year. That is the equivalent of 425,533 trucks sitting idle for a year – and trucks account for only 4% of the vehicles on the road.


A growing economy relies on strong infrastructure to support it. Our decaying roads and bridges hinder our supply chain and makes us less competitive with other nations in the global economy.


A nickel for your time.

America’s national network of roads and bridges are funded by a federal fuel user fee, which is included in the price of gasoline, diesel and other transportation fuels at the pump. The user fee hasn’t been raised since 1993 – more than 25 years ago. As a result, our infrastructure has continued to deteriorate to crisis levels.

By raising the user fee by 5 cents per gallon each year over the next four years, more than $340 billion in new revenue would be generated for fixing our roads and bridges. For the cost of a nickel, we can reclaim the time and money we are losing to traffic congestion and damaged roads.